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Logicize Research

Services offered by the firm, cater to the requirements of clients from various fields. Our services, which include various IP due diligence services, are delivered through engagement models, which are carefully designed to suit the needs of our clients. Logicize Research is recognized for its outreach in areas of policy-making and active participation in and contribution to the drafting of legislation in various areas of Intellectual Property Rights.

At Logicize Research, we believe in establishing strong and enduring relationships with our clients by ensuring that we are always available to attend to our clients’ needs. It is always our endeavor to understand our client’s commercial goals. We are transparent in our working, and commit ourselves to time-bound and cost-effective advice that protects our client’s interests every time.

  • To successfully prosecute patents, there has to be in place a thorough patent investigation and a detailed analysis of relevant state of the art. Identifying the closest prior art of the given invention requires that a perfect strategy framing across databases and an in-depth analysis of the technical aspects of the prior art comes to play.

    With the LogicizeResearch team at the helm of affairs, you can be assured about the timeliness and quality of the results. We are an extended branch of your organization for assistance in the search for patents, regardless of type.

    This department in LogicizeResearch is saddled with comprehensive pre-filing analysis in India and abroad, which translates to robust IP and strategic jurisdictional coverage. With post filing analysis, clients are furnished with effective IP maintenance, strategic and informed planning. Their services are as follows:

    • Prior Art Search
    • Patentability Opinion
    • FTO Search and Analysis
    • Patent Landscape
    • White Space Analysis
    • Patentability Studies
    • Invalidation Searches
    • Technology Portfolio Report
    • IP Audits and Due Diligence
  • A patentability search helps to identify references from the prior art that is either alone or in combination of interest to the patentability of an invention. There is no gainsaying that you need accuracy and a partner you can trust that gives you the much needed leverage to make crucial IP decisions with confidence. That is why at LogicizeResearch we have developed a global patent and technical literature search that enables us to go the extra mile and dig deeper than other search providers.

    Our in-depth understanding of both patents and non-patent resources combined with our skills ensures that every second counts on your search projects. If the proof that you seek is out there, then you can be assured that our team will find it.

  • Knock-out patentability search is carried out to identify new inventions from databases within the set timeline. Such searches are performed before an investment is made in drafting and filing a patent. The knock-out search is usually preferred by inventors to save costs on assessing the patentability of the invention. Companies use knock-out search to cut down the volume of invention disclosures reaching a higher level.

    We have vast experience when it comes to knock-out searches that identify prior art references that focus on the novelty aspect of the invention. The search is performed using commercial patent databases and is limited to three major filing jurisdictions, i.e. US, EP and WIPO.

  • An infringement search is conducted mainly for two reasons:

    • To verify whether an infringement has been done on an unexpired patent in the country where a product or process is planned to be commercialized
    • To establish that there is no risk of infringement done on another holder’s unexpired patent when you make, use, or market your innovation.
  • With Infringement and Clearance Searches, your new or planned product can be launched into the market without due consideration for litigation from patent holders. But infringement search is clearly limited to enforceable patents only in a country where the product would be marketed. For Clearance Search, a broader perspective comes into play with the aim to determine where the product could be marketed legally.

  • In situations where sufficient details are lacking to draft a complete patent specification, provisional patent specification drafting services becomes the order of the day, which is used by a wide range of clients. With Provision Application, come immediate filing, date and protection for inventions.

  • Patent specification is an important document which protects your interests in the invention. Thus, the drafting has to be done to perfection. Understanding the technical and legal aspect of the patent affords you the opportunity to draft a good patent specification. With our proven expertise in technology and patent law, we have the capability to deliver top-notch patent specifications drafting services.

  • Prosecuting patent in an effective manner is crucial for business, especially for innovative companies. Success may depend on the protection of unique technology and revenue streams, while at the same time promoting patents to increase the likelihood that they will successfully survive disputes in the future.

    We focus on strategic prosecution - the art of obtaining enforceable claims that are provided at the lowest cost. However, our services do not end with the issuance of a patent. We can support you in the variety of increasingly important procedures after patent issuance, available to patentees.

    Our services entail the preparation of patent applications with client’s feedback, filing patent applications, active prosecution and close monitoring of pending patent application that includes preparing response to official action, handling of pre-grant opposition, post-grant opposition and appeals and lot more

  • Reaction to an office action requires techno-legal expertise because both legal and technical arguments are essential to defend the rejections raised in the office action.

    Office Action drafting requires full understanding of the law, invention, and cited prior art. One of the biggest challenges in drawing up a response to an office action is trying to understand the opinion of the examiners.

    LogicizeResearch helps clients to draft office response procedures for their patent applications in various jurisdictions. Our team has served several law firms and assisted in preparing a full response to rejections/objections from their local patent office.

  • The search and monitoring service capabilities go beyond the requirements for tracking trademarks. Our software enables you to follow recently published brand applications all over the world to discover potential conflicts with your brand. It also keeps up with the major changes taking place in the industry and the wider online landscape.

  • For many organizations, a trademark provides millions of dollars in revenue. For example, what would blue chip companies be without their trademark? These companies have trademark lawyers who make every effort to ensure that all their trademarks are protected, maintained and not endangered by other similar trademarks.

  • Renewal of trademarks grants you the opportunity to renew your brand before it expires. According to the rules and guidelines of trademark law, every company must renew its trademark before it becomes obsolete. Generally, a trademark is issued for a 15-year period where it must be renewed before it exceeds the expiration date.

    The following procedures must be followed when applying for renewal of a trademark:

    • Prepare a letter of application for a renewal
    • Complete application process
    • Pay renewal fee
    • Quality control and assessment
    • Confirmation letter of renewal
  • The protection of a trademark, product name or company entails a set of variables that goes beyond a simple registration procedure.

    During your trademark’s lifecycle, our trademark watch service is one of the most critical steps; hence you can register trademarks that are identical or similar to yours. Sometimes such situations can even occur deliberately, caused by third parties who, for whatever reason, intend to cause harm to your trademark, as is the case with counterfeit attempts.

  • In a legal sense, an industrial design is the decorative or aesthetic aspect of an article.

    An industrial design can consist of three-dimensional functions, such as the shape of an article or two-dimensional functions, such as patterns, colors or lines.

    Our Industrial Design team at LogicizeResearch has the track record to help you obtain optimal patent protection. Working with an experienced attorney and patent agents, LogicizeResearch formulate IP strategies and searches for any conflicting technology that may exist.

  • The registration of your copyrights is an important step in the protection of your original works of authorship. Whether you are a musician, an artist, or an author, your original works are your assets, so protect them!

    At Logicizeresearch, we offer a range of services to protect your works in India and around the world. It is our duty to help our clients prepare, file and register their copyright.

  • We work with companies to deliver sustainable and significant value from their IP portfolios.

    For organizations with patents and intellectual property, this essentially translate to perfect understanding of IP across the enterprise - what is available and what is in use - and using this strategically to reduce costs and generate incremental revenue.

    Our approach provides a unique, integrated IP framework specially designed to help you manage, protect, enhance and leverage your IP portfolio. We offer expert guidance for the entire IP management process in aligning your organization's IP strategy and also address the IP management function corresponding with your innovation expectations.

    Our experts put their skills to work by monitoring and managing all requirements in IP matters, which includes handling renewals, deadlines, national and international portfolios etc.

    • Monitoring of IP examination proceedings, issuances and maintaining the validity of patents in India and abroad
    • Payment of Annuity for Patents & Trademarks
    • Periodic Status and Follow ups
    • IP Watch
    • Technology Watch
    • IP Portfolio Report
  • It is important to monitor the IP activity of your competitors. At LogicizeResearch, we keep a comprehensive overview of the patents of customers and their competitors for the identification of possible infringing patents / products. With our patent protection services, we have the possibility to take out different subscriptions based on the client requirements. These are extremely confidential and are delivered directly to your registered e-mail address on a regular basis.

  • IP commercialization involves the protection and development of intellectual property (IP) in the direction of economic and social prosperity. Moreover, it is a core competence for innovators, economies and companies around the world.

    IP commercialization means translating ideas into business, for example, when an idea or invention becomes an object for buying and selling.

    LogicizeResearch team can develop a company's research efforts with regard to commercialization by protecting the intellectual property of the company with the right licenses between the R & D companies and firms needing technology transfer.

    In this department, all IP are put into consideration and quantified, and the activities of this group of skilled staff borders around the following services

    • Technology In and Out Licensing
    • Technology Due Diligence
    • IP Transfer and Monetization
    • License and Royalty Terms Negotiation
    • Technology Pitch
    • IP Funding and Investment
    • IP Policy
    • IP & Know-how Implementation
  • The inherent challenge in implementing an IP culture lies in educating your employees as regards its importance. LogicizeResearch offers a range of IP training programs which can be customized to complement your company’s industry needs and strategy.

    Our training programs offer staff with knowledge and skills, as required by your IP strategy. From basic to advanced courses, we can transform a novice into a skilled IP practitioner who has the ability to plan, manage and execute the organization’s IP strategy.

    Our team is saddled with IP Advisory and Training responsibilities in line with the needs of the industry.

    • Strategic IP Advisory
    • In-house IP Training and education
    • White Papers and Knowledge Sharing
    • IP Awareness & Teaching
  • Our Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search service leverages the opportunity to identify potential patent barriers when you want to commercialize your technologies or products. What it typically does is to examine claims language of third-party, in-force patents and use that for assessing the potential infringement risk. The core essence of FTO search is for the identification of in-force patents or published patent applications, in conjunction with claims covering your target technology, process or product.

  • Our standard invalidity or validity search helps to identify prior art references that can be used alone or in combination to challenge the validity of the claims in a patent or patent application.

    Standard invalidity or validity Search results consist of published applications and issued patents, including non-patent literature, such as scientific journals and papers. Only references that mention the claim restrictions are included in the results and LogicizeResearch analysts highlight the segments relevant to the claim elements. In addition, analysts can present a mapping between the highlighted segments and the associated claim restrictions.

  • Additionally, it will also help you make informed decisions before you incur additional costs related to your patent strategies. This search consist all issued patents, published patents in addition to other publications.

  • Technology Landscape studies help our clients in understanding a particular technology, the latest development with regards to technology and the strengths of the competitors. The study helps clients to make important decisions and strategies regarding the R & D of a product, investing in certain technological areas, identifying patent trends, understanding the strategies of competitors, among others.

    At LogicizeResearch, we gain insight into the technology domain of the interests of our clients, and in-depth search and a detailed analysis of the documents (patents and non-patent literature). To obtain maximum value from the available resources, we present the data graphically and provide a detailed taxonomy of the technology. The report focuses on a detailed analysis of specific technologies and can be adapted according to the requirements of the clients.

  • IP filing and prosecution requires acquaintances with patent regulatory standards for that jurisdiction and technical knowledge of the invention concerned. LogicizeResearch is one of those companies equipped with these two, enabling clients to remain focused on their core work.

    We take away all the stress related to IP filing and prosecution to help you reach your goal in the shortest possible time.

    We help both Indian and foreign nationals file and prosecute patent applications in India. To this end, several Indian companies and multinationals have made use of our patent applications for filing in the Indian patent office.

    Our team of competent personnel carries out all pre and post-filing requirements relating to IP matters, ranging from docketing to the maintenance of records--which is well executed. The following IP and prosecution services are within their purview

    • Drafting & Filing Patent Applications (Provisional and Non – Provisional)
    • Reviewing and Strategizing Claim Amendments
    • PCT & Convention Filing
    • National Phase Filing
    • Filing and Prosecuting before IPAB
    • Trademark Filing & Prosecution
    • Design Filing & Prosecution
    • Copyright Filing & Prosecution
    • Opposition procedures
    • Pre-litigation and disputes, (notice letters, conciliation...)
    • Litigation support
  • Ideas and innovations form the core of future growth and success of a company. They are essential assets that must be identified, nurtured and protected against their ultimate value in order to be realized.

    Our drafting team is equipped with good drafting ability and technical understanding needed to draft your idea into a patent application. This is based on the appropriate guidelines for adequate scope of protection.

    At LogicizeResearch, we offer affordable patent applications to law firms, lawyers, companies and inventors. When drafting a patent application, we carry out various internal checks to ensure that all features of the invention are treated in the best possible way. We ensure that all possible variations of the idea / invention are anticipated and treated in the description.